Essay about My Favorite Meal Of The Year

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My Favorite Meal of the Year For thousands of families around the world, Christmas is one of the most special holidays of the year. For some it is a religious holiday to celebrate the coming of Christ and for others it is a special day to celebrate life, family, friends and their company. For me personally; my favorite part of Christmas is the food. Being able to feast on some of the most delicious dishes that my family and friends so gratefully bring to the table so we can all celebrate not only the coming of Christ but our love for each other is what makes every Christmas special. Many families in the United States have their big Christmas celebration on Christmas day, but my family and I we always have our big celebration on the night of Christmas Eve. My mother is full blooded Chinese but was born and raised in Peru and, on the other hand, my father is from El Salvador, however our table is also shared with dear friends that are Americans and Mexican. I can always look forward to different foods from different countries such as Peruvian, American holiday classics, Mexican, Chinese, Salvadorian. There is something about the smell of all the different dishes mixed all together that bring warmth to my heart.
Throughout the years there is one Christmas Eve celebration that I remember most of all of them and it is the Christmas Eve when I was eleven years old. In the earlier months my mother told me that she had a surprise for me coming for Christmas. I love surprises so…

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