My Favorite Animal At The Time Was A Lion Essay

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With my mother being an elementary school teacher, reading was not an option nor a choice. Reading was a priority. I started reading in kindergarten where I would read many books. One in particular was Gregory the terrible eater. This book was my absolute favorite book as a kid, mainly because it had my name in it. This book also peaked my interest in animals. Whenever we would get free time in computer class in elementary school, I would search just random facts on animals because I was extremely intrigued by how different they were. This fascination carried over into 5th grade where my class and I had to write a research paper on any topic. Of course as you can probably guess, I chose an animal to conduct my research on. My favorite animal at the time was a lion. I loved lions because they were fierce, loyal, and just flat out majestic. Throughout the years, I became very passionate about animals. During my middle school years I started to shy away from my love for animals because it wasn’t the most popular topic to be interested in. I put my love into other hobbies such as sports and changed my aspirations from becoming a zoologist to a football player. The reason I did this was because it was cool and that was all I wanted to be. This obsession I had with being cool led to my downfall in behavior and grades.
In middle school, being popular was the only thing students cared about. They would make fun of other people, try to make bad grades and criticize the ones who made…

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