My Father's Song Poem Analysis

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In these two poem, the theme of love is superior. It is obvious that the two speakers in the poem love their fathers and also they miss the dote their dads had for them. Since the narrators are talking of memories, it is perhaps right to state that their fathers are no longer above ground and all they cling to are only memories. In My Father’s Song, the narrator is demonstrating his adoration for his father forms how he misses him. He tells that he misses his sound a lot. In fact, he gives a specific depiction of his dad and this shows the closeness the two had as seen in stanza 1, “His voice, the slight catch, the depth from his thin chest, the tremble of emotion.” (Ortiz, 2003. para. 1). The narrator, also, reflects on the moments they shared and the things they did together with the father while working in the field as captured in the second stanza, “We planted corn one spring at Acu-.” (Ortiz, 2003. …show more content…
2). In this poem, it is clear that there is no doubt a love profoundly shared between the son and his father. In the first stanza line 5,6 and 7 he shows that his dad talked to him closely, “the tremble of emotion, in something he has just said.” (Ortiz, 2003. para. 1). In fact, in My Father’s Song,the love is profound and intimate as the narrator indicates to himself as his father’s song, “shows this to his son, his song.” (Ortiz, 2003. para. 1). Comparably, in Hayden’s poem, Those Winter Sundays there is a remembrance of the paternal love. The narrator reflects on how the father worked diligently, he was gentle and caring as seen in stanza 3, line 3, “and polished my good shoes as well.” (Out Loud, 2003.para. 3). Even so, the speaker confesses that he did not know the father love as his father was very busy and strict. He asks himself how he could have known at such a tender age. In the latter line of the last stanza, the narrator uses the term “austere” to represent the father’s strict love, a love that is

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