Essay on My Father 's Side Of The Family Originates From Greece

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“If you don’t know your history, you don’t know yourself” (Samuel). I am not as familiar with my heritage as I would like to be. I feel as if I have done myself a disservice by not taking the time to learn more about where I came from and the experiences of my ancestors that helped shape who I am today. My father’s side of the family originates from Greece, Norway and Germany. My mother’s side originates from Germany and Norway. Even though I am more German and Norwegian than Greek, there has always been more emphasis put on my Greek heritage. We have always been proud to be Greek, and it is funny because the one who emphasized our Greek heritage was my grandmother on my father’s side and she was not even Greek. I was so immersed in my Greek heritage that I did not learn until I was older that I was also part German and Norwegian. I am not sure why that is. The only reason I can come up with is that we still have contact with our family that remains in Greece; whereas, I am not aware of any family we have in Germany or Norway. We have never been a particularly religious family. Even though there was a heavy emphasis on my Greek heritage, we did not attend the Greek Orthodox Church. My parents were both raised Lutheran, and when my grandmother on my mother’s side remarried, she became Seventh - day Adventist. Religion was not really discussed within my extended family. When I was younger, we went to a Non-Denominational Christian Church, but it was sporadic. Now we only…

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