My Father 's Role Model Essay

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As the older daughter in a Mexican family, I have always had some kind of responsibility in everything I do. I am my brother’s and sister’s role model, that is why keeping good grades and always doing my respective chores are the most important things I am in charge of. Since I was born, my father has always been there for me telling me what to do, but it wasn’t until my first days in middle school when I understood why he had always been the way he is with me. “It’s time for Wendy to move schools and have a better education in the U.S,” I heard my father telling my mother as I was stunned and confused cleaning my room. I couldn’t believe it, I was moving to my uncle’s house in the United States without the people I love the most, my family. The notion of thinking that I was not going to be able to see my family every day like I was used to killed me a little inside. Being separated from my weekend, but that was not enough for me. Imagine a 12 year old girl’s feelings without her family in a total new country, I was scared! What was I going to do if I did not have someone to tell my problem to? What if I did not like the food my aunt cooked that day? What if I got lost on my way to school? What if I wasn’t able of make friends, or if they did not like me because I did not know how to speak English? A lot of questions were on my mind that day and I didn’t know…

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