My Father 's Own Tale Of Perseverance Essay

1580 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
It’s hard to imagine the world without the widespread masses of people, its profound technological innovations, and its never-ending growth of a global economy. Rewind 50 years from our current time, travel halfway across the globe, and you’ll find yourself in Taipei, Taiwan. On a bright summer day, a young boy sits between blades of grass, no older than eight or nine, and fiddles around with toy cars and model airplanes. He displays a look of nonchalance, and sighs in exasperation when he can’t seem to assemble the parts correctly. He imitates the sound of the roaring engines of the vehicles he holds in his hands. That boy is my father. He’s known for his interest in these classic machines, and the time he dedicates to them to solve their mysteries. Eventually, he evolves into a young man living a life full of determination and grit, concepts he’s learned from his family and the foreign external environment. My father’s own tale of perseverance has motivated me to seek a future that is not defined by any constraints or limited by barriers of any means, but one that will ultimately provide the future generations with stories of hope and dignity. As a child, my father’s parents believed in raising a child who understood that success was not as important as perseverance and drive, and so they strongly encouraged him to learn from the outside world. When my father was a little boy, his parents gave him an allowance, just like many other families back then at the time, and he…

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