Essay My Father 's Life At The University Of Saskatchewan

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As a three year old, innocent and clueless, I was on a plane travelling half way across the world to Canada. All I knew, at the time, was that I was leaving Argentina, the country where I was born in, lived in for 3 years, and where all of my relatives live, to another country with a different language, a different culture, and different people. My father had already been living in Canada for three months and now my mother along with my sister and myself were making the long 18 hour trek to Canada. At the gate, we said goodbye to our relatives thinking that we would be back living in Argentina in 3-4 years.

Although I didn 't understand at the time, the reason we moved to Canada was because my father received an international scholarship to pursue graduate school in veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Our family was planning on staying in Canada until my father finished his schooling, with the idea of moving back to Argentina.

Since we were going to be living in this new country for at least a couple of years, we attempted to implement ourselves into Canadian culture. I don 't remember much of my early years in Canada but my mom says that the transition from speaking Spanish to Engish was very hard on me. Apparently, I would come home from preschool, crying,at the age of 4 because I couldn 't make friends as none of the students could understand me. She says I begged, nearly everyday, to move back to my beloved Argentina.

During these tough times, an…

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