My Father 's Influence On My Life Essay

1048 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Ever since I was a little girl, my father and I have always had a very close relationship. My father’s influence on my life helped shape my confidence, self-esteem, and most important, my opinions on men. Not only am I the baby in the family, but I am the only girl. With that being said, it is safe to say I am his favorite child; however, being the favorite child comes with a lot of responsibility. My father constantly watches my every move and lays down strict rules for me to follow, especially when it comes to the dating situation. His high standards in regards to the men in my life are not set to hurt me, but rather to keep me safe. This idea of an overbearing dad protecting his maturing daughter from the crummy, unacceptable men in this world is underscored in Miller Williams’ poem, “For a Girl I Know About to Be a Woman” and John Mayer’s song “Daughters.” I can remember when I was about thirteen, the start of my “hormonal” years, my dad sat me down and had a talk with me about boys. Usually this is the time in a teenager’s life where the dads back off because they are either too shy or too afraid to talk to their daughter about growing up and dating; however, this was not the case for my dad. His communication skills are strong when it comes to the subject of men in my life. For my father, my preparation for high school highlighted the idea that I was no longer his little girl and he quickly became strict in certain areas. He made it very clear that I…

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