My Father 's Influence On My Life Essay

1059 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
There have been many people who have influenced me throughout my life. They have all shaped me to become a better person. Many of my family members have been the ones that teach me throughout my life. My siblings have molded me into being a better person because they look up to me. I always make good choices with my life because I know that they are watching my every move, so they can be like me. My grandparents have also influenced me. They influenced me by being there all the time and that family is important no matter what happens. My uncles have taught me, too. My Uncle Scott has said, “Do whatever you want and people will always be there for you.” My Uncle P.J. has taught me that even if a family member lives far away from their family, they can still be there for them. My Uncle Tom sacrificed himself for family when he was in war because he let people go home to see their families in the war and that taught me that family is important. Also he was always there for me when I was little. My Uncle Jeff taught me don’t get into drugs because they will do some crazy behaviors to someone and that person will lose many privileges. The people who have most influenced me the most, though, is my parents. My parents have always taught me to follow my dreams. They know that I like to travel and they encourage me to do that in the future and also have my career. My dad was able to go back to college and finish his master’s degree in accounting. It took a while for him to finish…

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