Essay on My Father 's Immigration Story

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For my father, what I witnessed with my own eyes on my first trip to Vietnam provided a sense of normalcy for him. Growing up in an economically challenged, underprivileged country means bearing witness to the effect and impacts of poverty on a daily basis. This in turn over time allowed him to become desensitized towards the poor. This is one of many disconnects between my father and I. My father’s immigration story is something I treasure greatly because it is a window into better understanding the struggles my father endured and the sacrifices he made so that I could be where I am today. I chose to title this story “In Plain Sight” because immigration and migration stories are something that is carried around with everyone whether it 's directly or indirectly. It 's not until you ask and takes the time to listen do you uncover the stories that are ingrained in each individual.
In 1963, as the Viet Cong closed in on the southern capital of Saigon during the Vietnam War, my grandpa knew a complete communist takeover was inevitable. He tried so desperately to escape the shackles and oppression of communism, but his efforts were futile. As a last, resort he aided in my father’s attempts to flee a war-torn country in hopes that democracy and America could offer him a better future. For my father, his passion for learning fueled by the desire to help his family made leaving Vietnam inevitable. By the time my father was my age today, he was crammed into the back of a tiny,…

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