My Father 's Family By Susan Chapman And Alice Lewis Essay

735 Words Nov 30th, 2016 3 Pages
Tragic events led me to obtain a substantially less amount of information about my father’s family. The story of his parents—William Chapman and Alice Lewis—is a very emotional one, as they started out as the typical young American couple before mental illness changed the foundation of their relationship. After dating for about a year, the two married and began building their life together. Alice worked as a CNA, while William—commonly referred to as Bill—worked as a newspaper delivery boy. The couple had five children together—Tammie, Robert, Billy, Patrick, and Mark. Unfortunately, I do not know all of the details and it is an extremely touchy situation to discuss with my father, but sometime before his birth, my grandmother, Alice, developed severe Schizophrenia. Ultimately, this led to her being institutionalized in a mental facility in Raleigh, where she would give birth to my father—Mark Chapman.
Schizophrenia—a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves—requires those diagnosed to take a plethora of medications, including antipsychotic medications. One day when my father was three-years-old, he gained possession of his mother’s medicine. Not knowing any better, my father took a large amount of his mother’s medication, overdosing and actually coding several times. This resulted in medical personnel having to revive him. Consequently, social services deemed my grandparents as unfit parents, thus leading to my father and his…

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