My Father 's Death Caused Sorrow And Anger Essay

981 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
There’s No Returning My father’s death caused sorrow and anger all in one. Losing someone is the worst thing that could ever happen, because you’ll no longer see them on this earth. Everything that I do is all for him. He always motivated me in many ways. The day I found out he had cancer my heart sunk. He was everything to me, and it is like I took right after him. I have his personality, kindness, goofiness, and everything else all in one. My father was one of those men who really did not like going to see a doctor. Some nights he would lay down and when he did he would have this strange dry cough. My mother would get on to him about getting to a doctor, but he was hard headed pretty much. He finally listened to my mother and went. He not knowing nothing of it, when laying down at night it was the fluid on his lungs that affected his breathing and caused the excessive coughing. After returning to the doctor they found multiple tumors and both of his lungs, some the size of lemons and one as big as a grapefruit. Although they said surgery was no help I had faith something would work out. The only thing they could do was go in and remove most of the fluid from his lungs. Also they started chemo and radiation to try to shrink the tumors. The only thing we could do was pray. My father was a strong man, nothing could bring him down. Although he was battling with a sickness he never let how he felt showed. He had some good days and some bad ones, but he never complained. He…

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