Essay on My Father Was Diagnosed With Bone Cancer

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When I was 12 years old, my father was diagnosed with bone cancer. My mom, sister and I spent many hours in hospitals for the first three months of his diagnosis. I was always so thankful for all the hard work and such caring staff members the hospital had. I found myself fascinated in everyone’s role in regards to my father’s care. Anytime someone walked into my father’s hospital room I would read their badge and ask each employee what exactly their role is in the hospital, not because I was questioning their job duties but simply because I wanted to learn more about job opportunities in the hospital. I enjoyed watching each procedure and anything having to do with IVs throughout the course of my father’s hospital stay. It was such a sad time in my life to see my father dying before my eyes but the care from the nurses really made an impression on me. Day after day visiting my father in the hospital made me feel like I had a duty. A duty to help care for my father and show him lots of love and care as he lied in bed battling for his life. I created relationships with nurses and really took to their roles too. I would pay close attention to every task they did, if it was helping my dad out of bed or giving injections of medication. I watched the team care for my father and saw how compassionate they were to a stranger, and I really admired and liked that. My father was released to go home three months later. He was still very sick and weak from all the cancer treatments he…

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