My Father Was A Professional Golf Caddy For The P.g Essay

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When I was ten years old, I could not read. My father was a professional golf caddy for the P.G.A. Tour, so my family traveled state to state for nine months of each year, following the golf tournaments in a R.V. This meant that my parents had no choice but to homeschool me and my two younger brothers. Yet my inability to read was not a result of incompetence, but rather a belief in an extreme interpretation of the Waldorf Education approach to learning. My schooling, up to that point, was primarily play, art, and field trips throughout the country. My parents believed that a child would learn to read naturally in the same way a child learns to talk: that through exposure and time they would read when ready. This childhood was euphoric, and in many ways a beautiful way to grow up. Whether or not this was genius or sheer idiocy I am unsure, but in my case it worked. At age ten, I struggled to read basic Bob Books, placed below a first grade reading level, but by the age of twelve I was reading at a college level. Yet, this rapture evaporated when I was thirteen and my parents told me they were getting a divorce. When my parents separated I was given a choice of going to public school or staying home schooled with my mother. Compared to my public school friends, I knew very little, which convinced me that my education up to that point was inadequate. I was scared about what would happen if I stayed home schooled and curious about how I would do if I changed…

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