Essay My Father Of A Man

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Some of us aren’t aware of how much of an impact our parents have on us, especially since sometimes we’re never told what they went through, and how it all lead up to this moment. I do owe much to a man named Julio Cortez, but I formally know him as my father, for getting where I am today, as of this paper of course I do owe much to my mother as well. In keeping up with the countless bills, and occasional wants my father’s determination, and positive outlook has gotten him through life so far. My father was conceived in Nuevo Laredo during the 60s with the hospital he was born in no longer existing. He grew up with four other siblings, one brother, and three sisters. Similar to my grandfather my father came from a family lineage of poverty to a certain extent. He had all the basic needs, being food, a roof, and love of his parents. Despite not having much he was content with what he had in his household environment. A way of him having fun was rolling up a newspaper, and proceeding to chase around roaches killing as many as possible “It was like being at Disney World.” as he would describe it with his notable Spanish accent. Having gone through elementary, middle, and high school along with getting acquainted with my mother at some point in that time period since his family and her family has had some history together thus making it easier for them to meet. After having some college education before dropping out at some point in search of acquiring more currency he eagerly…

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