My Father : Learmond Acee Chapman Jr. Essay example

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Imagine living in a country dominated by your race then having to move from that country to an unfamiliar area where you are forced to start over. People begin to look at you strange and you soon wonder if you will ever belong in this new, unfamiliar environment. My father ,Acee Chapman Jr., along with his family made the choice to move to America when he was just a little boy. The move caused several struggles within the family that eventually led to some life changing decisions. These decisions and struggles helped shape my dad into the person he is today and changed his perception on the life he lives. In 1969, Learmond Acee Chapman Jr. was born in the city of Georgetown, Guyana located in South America. He would have two younger brothers nicknamed AC and Cecil. His parents were a well-known minister, Learmond Acee Chapman Sr., and his multitalented wife Vida Chapman. Growing up in Guyana, my father, Acee Jr., lived the life most children his age dreamed of. He had a nanny that catered to his every need and a huge house to run free in. Since my grandfather was a minister, the church paid for most of his expenses including the house and nanny; this was part of the tradition the churches in Guyana practiced. The church itself was located underneath Acee Jr.’s house making the access very easy for the Chapman’s. The boys would spend their afternoons fishing in the ponds but would be mindful of the alligators lurking under the unclear water. Neighborhood friends came over to…

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