My Father Is Someone Who I Respect More Than Anybody Else? Essay

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My father is someone who I respect more than anybody else. He has given up so much for me and my two siblings so that we could be happy even at the expense of his own happiness. He has been the one to bring the family back together in the hardest of times even when others were against him and it was not his place. He inspired us to work hard so that we could succeed and he raised three children while working from home while he had a job that would not usually allow that but he made it happen. For those reasons I believe that he should be awarded the selflessness and dedication award.
While I have grown up my father has almost always been there for me if I either needed help with school work or I needed to just get my priorities straight he was there to help make sure that it did get done. It was because of him that I was able to become an Eagle Scout at such an early age. I was always putting it off and not wanting to work on the paperwork or meet with people because I would of much rather just sat around and done nothing. But he would not let that happen. He would remind me to do it and made sure that it was done properly and the emails that I sent out to different people were formated correctly and if they were not he would tell me how to do them correctly so that the next time it would be done the right way.
He was stuck with me throughout all of my different behaviors attitudes.When I was younger I used to be extremely loud and obnoxious to everybody around me and I did…

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