My Father Is Always Gone Most Of The Summer On Business Trips

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Thirty minutes I thought to myself as I finished stuffing my two bags full of snack food into the backseat floorboard of the car. I would be leaving to go to Arkansas to stay with my biological father for the summer and to say I was excited would be an understatement, not because I would be seeing my father but because I would be able to see my little cousin Mandy and my older brother Branden. We usually spend the summer out doing idiotic stuff that if we were anywhere else we would not get the opportunities to try, such as getting on one of the beloved family bulls and having contests to see who can last the longest on the back of good old Leeroy or if one was too scared to approach Leeroy we would use the much friendlier one known as Bubba.
My father is always gone most of the summer on business trips, leaving me to stay with my grandma, she’s pretty laid back she doesn’t have any rules and honestly doesn’t care much as to what we do as long as its legal. Not to mention she is the best cook in my family, I wish I could have gotten her cooking skills but sadly I can’t cook anything without nearly setting the house on fire. Because of my misfortune in the kitchen I’m not allowed near the oven in my house sometimes my mom questions my ability to make simple microwavable things which I accept because I’ve already blown up two microwaves, that’s a story for another time though. Hopefully by the end of this summer I will have my horse rideable, I think if I could manage to show…

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