My Father Is A Very Successful Man Essay

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My Role Model Everyone has been effected by some person in their life whether it be a direct or indirect influence. Most people are influenced by their parents from the beginning of their lives. As for me, I have been strongly affected by my father. My father is sixty years old. He married my mother when he was twenty-two years. He worked at the television sector. He is a tolerant person, who loves his family and his work. Moreover, he is inspired by different cultures, arts, and books. My father is a very successful man. Throughout his life, he has gained much success; however, he has never spoiled us. He has constantly encouraged us to chase after our own dreams on our own. He has taught me everything that I know. Every year he would take us on a vacation to a different country to learn about the history of the country. My favorite trip was Egypt. He took us there when I was nine years old. He showed us the pyramids and told me the history of how they were built. Also, my dad would take me to work with him, so that I can learn how to manage projects like him. Whenever I did not know an answer to something, he would not make fun of me, but encourage me find the answer. Also, my father always advised me to be smart with my money. He would always tell me to invest my money in gold, or land rather than cars and clothes. He would tell me that I can double my money and enjoy it twice as much if spend it the right way. My father has always been there for me when I…

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