My Father Is A Great Role Model Essay

818 Words Sep 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Usually, on a typical Saturday morning people 's homes have a pleasant scent of sizzling bacon, fresh toast, and fluffy eggs during breakfast time, but for me, I have this overwhelming smell of dry cinnamon eggs and burnt toast. Thanks to my dad of course. My father 's relentless efforts of trying to improve his cooking was an epic failure, but while my dad continued to struggle to cook, I can defiantly tell you he excelled in being everything else he tried, including being an excellent dad. Since day one of my existence he has always been by my side, and has given me everything that I need in order to succeed in life. But if there is one thing that really stands out about my dad is that he is a great role model. He has taught me the important lessons of good sportsmanship, hard work and determination and how to be a respected young man. Whenever people ask me to describe my dad 's personality I tell them that he is a soft-spoken, intelligent, and humorous man. Even though my dad is getting up there in age, he defiantly still knows how to have a good time at the age of 62. Physically while he might have signs of getting old like gray hair, and wrinkles. I can tell you that age has not slowed him down one bit. Growing up in a big family there was always an inning, quarter, or match to go and cheer for. My dad was always at each and every game, which I realized was a luxury not all kids received. My dad was very influenced by sports and always did a great job of teaching me…

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