My Father As A Hero Essay

809 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Having a hero that is a family member and a role model is the best thing to have. My grandpa Kevin Shea fits that statement. My grandpa is my ultimate hero and wishes from the God above. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like my Grandpa. Everything he did drew me closer. I’m blessed and amazed to have him as my hero because he saved my life and he saves others too. He is also my role model and mentor. I call my grandfather a hero because he gave me my life. The day I was born I was healthy. By the time I was three months old, my grandpa was listening to my heart beat and heard something wrong. My parents were worried that I was sick. They ended up taking me to the doctors. The doctors looked at me and said I was blue. My parents and grandpa had no idea. From that moment, the doctors rushed me to emergency surgery. They performed heart surgery. They found that I had two holes and a very complicated problem. Its name is Transposition of the Great Vessel with Double Outlet of the Right Ventricle. It means my clean blood with oxygen was mixing with the non-oxygenate blood. The surgeon said, if my grandpa hasn 't listened to my heart I could 've been a goner. Even though the doctors did most of the work with the surgery. My grandpa is the one that found it first. To this day, my grandpa loves to listen to my heartbeat because I have a murmur. He calls me Aliwishes because I’m a miracle. I will always call him my superhero because he really did save me.…

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