Essay on My Father And His Family

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Once my parents became legal residents, my father had saved enough money to buy his own land in the U.S. He wanted to be like the other American landowners and start a business by selling his crops to agriculture companies. A friend informed my father about an elderly Japanese man that was selling his land. The Japanese man and his family were generous to my father by only asking $30,000 for 20 acres of land. This was the opposite of white supremacy because they were people with power in the town that they lived in, but nevertheless helped my dad a lot. My dad used all his money to pay for the land; therefore, the family lent my father the equipment to plow land. Selling those 20 acres to my father was what springboard our family into a more advantageous position. For example, my siblings and I we were able to go to college because of those opportunities provided to our family. Not many people that are in the position of power do generous things. If more people in this country acted this way, I think the country would be different. People in oppressed groups or disadvantaged groups would gather more opportunities and succeed. In a political sense, Government programs that help the poor is an example of how generosity can be passed down. Providing financial aid to students that have good grades but cannot afford college can shape a person and the next generations that follow it. If there wasn’t so much prejudice, our society would be completely different. Our family history…

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