My Family Abuse Essay

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My parents have been unhappily married for over twenty years. They were both born in the same pueblo in Mexico; they got married when my mother was sixteen and pregnant. My mother and father were both abused by their parents as a form of discipline and it was how they choose to discipline us. When my brothers were young they were abused by my parents but by the time I was born my father had stopped. My mother had not she would still abuse all of us whether it was a slap in the face or hitting me in the back with a belt and making my sister watch so she would behave. After a while my mother hit us less but by then my brothers had taken over. In my immediate family me and my sister were seen as the weakest targets because of our age and gender. …show more content…
Since there were times when both my parents worked full time I spent a lot of my childhood being left in the care of babysitters. After my father would come home he would watch t.v., drink, or sleep but when my mother came home she would start her second shift. She would make dinner for her children, do the laundry,wash the dishes throw out the trash and any other chore that needed to be done. As we got older my mother started to split up the chores attempting to get me and my sister to do most of them because according to my parents we are females and females do the cooking,cleaning and chores. In our culture that 's how it works. Not that she wouldn 't make my brother do chores but theirs differed from ours. My parents would assign chores to all of us based on our gender we had gender roles my brothers would get less chores and it was usually just heavy lifting. While me and my sister had to do the cooking and cleaning as our chores. Also due to our culture my parents couldn 't accept my siblings mental disorders. One of my brothers was diagnosed with schizophrenia and about seven other mental disorders. My older brother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and about four other disorders. My younger sister was just diagnosed with three different anxiety disorders and about three other disorders. Recently I discovered that my oldest brother who I have never met suffers from depression and my mother was trying to keep it a secret. In our culture having these disorders is unacceptable. In our culture this is not a real medical condition if my siblings had these symptoms while growing up in my parents pueblo they would be considered crazy or weak. Which was how my parents viewed them at first as if they were weak and choosing not to control it when in reality they couldn 't. In our culture these

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