Essay on My Family : What Would Happen Next?

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It was always a mystery to see what would happen next in my family. From traveling coast to coast in the United States, to visiting Europe, and my favorite which was Canada, my family was always up to something whether it be good or bad. Family to me was something that I could never withstand being apart from. I loved my parents, Richard and Barbara, but I was closer to my older sister Misty. Misty and I were closer than any other siblings have ever been in the existence of this earth. Dad and Mom were always in our business, but did not know half the stuff we talked about. Not to be cocky by any means, but my parents had a lot of money and that was one thing I didn 't really like. Most kids would die to be rich and have a “perfect” lifestyle, but once you 're rich and have a nice house and tons of clothes, there 's really nothing else to have. My sister and I had lots of friends, which were always at the house. Our friends would always comment on how “rich” we were, but I would try my best to ignore them just because I don 't like feeling better than someone.
The thing that scared me the most…was that summer was ending, and school was arriving faster than the clock could tick. Tomorrow was the big start of high school and I could not bear to understand how fast the past years had flown by. The night before the start of 9th grade I could not get myself together. To mentally prepare for the start of High School would be petrifying. I had never been this scared in my life and…

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