My Family Unit That I Essay

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Introduction This essay will provide a further look into my family unit that I described in “This is Me Part 1”. I will examine my families’ response to crises, the influence it had on my reactions to crisis, the stage of the life cycle my family is in, the myths my family hold dear, the roles of each family member, and the perspective that fits my family. I will also tell how my life would be different under other circumstances.
Crises in My Family My families’ response to crises is somewhat hard to explain. When I was young, my mother always panicked when anything bad happened or was expected to happen. She was easily upset and would start screaming and crying. I can remember when we found out we had to live in a camper, my mother did not deal well with the situation and began hysterically crying. The situation really wasn’t bad enough to react in the way she did because there were other families that lived in worse conditions than us. As for my father, it didn’t matter if it was a joyful moment, sad moment or a moment of crises; his way of dealing with anything was to drink. So I guess a person could say that both my mother and fathers’ response to crises was negative, out of control and overt. My response to crises is somewhat influenced by the way my mother responded not my father, although I did have a moment of weakness and drank because of that moment. I try to remain calm and collected because I do not want my children to be influenced to react to crises like I…

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