My Family : The Worst Night Of My Life Essay

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It was 6:00 at night. I was with my family in our apartment in Byram, Mississippi. For several weeks, I had noticed a change in my parents. They were distant, always fighting. My dad was never home and I was beginning to get suspicious. On the night, my dad came home and I could tell that something was about to happen. That was the beginning of the worst night of my life.
My day started with waking up for school. At Gary Road Intermediate, my day was average, filled with school work and talking to my friends. I remember asking my friend Baleigh,
“Have you noticed anything different with my parents?” Baleigh said, “Yes, they have been acting a little strange.” This observation terrified me. My heart dropped into my stomach and I felt sick. I asked my teacher,
“Can I please use the restroom?” I darted out of class and went into the bathroom stall. I felt as if I was going to vomit everywhere. Thank goodness, I didn’t, but I still had this nauseating feeling in my stomach.
After school I walked into our apartment as usual, sat at the table, and ate a small snack. I overheard my mother in her room talking to someone, I just didn’t know who. I heard her say, “I just can’t do this anymore.” I didn’t know what this meant, but it didn’t sound like anything good. I ran into my room and called my friend Baleigh. I didn’t know what to do so I needed her to give me advice. We talked for two hours about my family and how I was most likely being paranoid. This helped me very much. My…

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