My Family Reunion At The Kissimmee Lake Essay

1635 Words Mar 1st, 2015 null Page
I will never forget that warm summer’s day in Florida at the Kissimmee Lake with my extended family members. This was a trip my parents long planned for as we needed to escape the bare trees, lawns masked in orange leaves, blustery fall in Kentucky and feel the warmth of the sun in Florida in 2006. We were heading to a family reunion my family holds every year. Our family reunion consisted of four days filled with fun festivities to bring extended family members closer together. There I was at the lake, splashing around with my fellow teenage cousins. As we shared stories, my cousins couldn’t help but notice the way I spoke. “Why do you talk like that,” my cousin, Angel, asked astonished. Angel was native of Florida. “Like what,” I replied puzzled. “Well, you sound like a white person. You’re English is proper. You see, round here we don’t speak that way because we black,” Angel pressed. Suddenly fun at the beach shifted to a hurtful day of my cousins accusing me of trying to be white. There I was trying to prove my blackness because I didn’t have the vernacular of my extended family members. I speak Standard English. I went on the rest of my life being told I talk white. But I ask myself, how someone can “speak white” when their skin color says otherwise?
I am always taken back to that warm day in Florida when my family members decided to call me out on my Standard English. Another cousin, Shawn, chimed in “She’s an Uncle Tom.” Uncle Tom from the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is…

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