My Family Nurse Practitioner Program At Monmouth University Essay

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Yes it is true that dreams come true. Yes it is correct to say persistence and determination can carry you miles in life but certainly will leave you with emotional scars and bruises. Without faith, and courage, it is easy to call it quits because stumbling blocks will always show up on your doorsteps uninvited and unexpectedly, but with faith and hope, victory can be achieved. Picking oneself up, brushing off the dust, and pressing on can help one to reach their goals. I speak from experience because I lived the above scenario in my life journey. I will share a small glimpse into my life journey and the challenges I faced along the way. The ordeal of this chapter of my life started in 2011 when I moved my family from our comfortable 4 bedroom house in Indiana into a small crowded 3 bedroom apartment in downtown Freehold, New Jersey. The purpose of the move was to support my decision to attend the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Monmouth University. I was prepared for the move mentally and emotionally but certainly not financially. Without the support of my wife whom I regard as the driving force behind everything in my family, I would have quit right there. For her however, quitting was off the table. We arrived in Freehold, New Jersey in June 2011 ready to start our new life. We started looking for nursing jobs in the already saturated Central Jersey market. It was difficult especially for new comers to find full time jobs with flexible hours. We finally got part…

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