Essay on My Family : My Sister Clarissa

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I undoubtedly began to develop ‘motherly’ traits in January 2000, when my little sister Clarissa, was born. My mother tells the two of stories oh how I would tuck her in, tell her stories, and bring her baby toys when she would cry. Yes, most little kid’s love to help their parent’s after a little sibling comes along, but I never ‘grew out’ of wanting to help with kids.
Seeing how my parents had me at such a young age, I was one of the first children in the family and the first kid in their group of friends. Not only am I the oldest child, I am also the oldest cousin on both my mother and father’s side. I was around eleven before my aunts and uncles started to have kids of their own. I would always get so excited to visit my little cousins, and would ‘hog’ whatever baby or toddler was around. It worked out for the adults in my family in that I was always the free babysitter. It didn’t take long before I became the older child that my cousins admired and still look up to.
When I turned thirteen, I took my passion of being around kids and began to expand it. Thanks to that age, I was able to start babysitting. At first I started out staying home alone with my sister after school, and next I began to watch the younger kids in my family. It always enjoyed sitting for my aunts and uncles, but I remember being so excited when I received a call from my dad’s friend, Melissa, asking if I could watch her two kids. After a few months of watching Mellissa’s kids, I started getting…

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