My Family : My Mother Essay

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I grew up in a three bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago with six of my family members. My grandmother was an immigrant that came to Chicago with her four children (including my mother) to find a job that would give her and her children a better life, because in the world, money means power and happiness. When I was born, my family told me that I needed to do well in school, go to college, and become rich so I could take care of the rest of my family. They said that my mother was supposed to do that but she got pregnant and started working full time to support me, her siblings, and her mother all at the age of twenty. My family never had much money growing up and at the time I didn’t mind it that much, at the time I didn’t realize I was set up to fail by the society that I live in. Today, my mother is disappointed in me everyday. Not only because I don’t do well in school, or because I chose a job that pays minimum wage instead of one that could pay fourteen dollars an hour just because I didn’t want the responsibility of that particular job, the biggest reason is that I want to go to college and medical school (neither of which we can ever dream of paying for) and only make sixty grand a year after all of it. The idea that’s planted into American youth today is that the only people who can ever be happy are the ones that are rich, in love, or both. Or at the very least, that’s what was planted into my head. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts…

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