My Family : My Mother Essay examples

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I still remember the day I saw my dad walk out the front door, and the note he left on the shiny white stand. My mother reading it and my grandmother consoling her; he left my siblings, my family, and I with nothing. I remember that day as if it were yesterday, I just remember feeling cold, unsafe, and unloved. My mother grew up in a society in which sociologists call it upper class. Her family had a lot of money back in our country in which she never had to learn how to cook, clean, or do any work. She was one of eight children. Her father passed away when his airplane crashed and, leaving my grandmother to provide for her family. To me this is a valuable thing due to showing my mother that even though you might come from a high society class you could still be humbled. My mother did not have a perfect childhood as she made people think, she was abused throughout her life and by that she wanted us to have a better life than her. My mother told me that everything could be taken away except your education; she could not stress enough fundamental importance of education to our lives. My mother made sure we knew how to clean, be responsible and live frugally. She even made us go to college. I learned many of her lessons better than others. My parents were both from Peru where the possibilities were limited, in which my parent’s emmigrated to the United States. The land of dreams and opportunities that’s how my mother used to call it, she always told us that moving to the…

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