My Family, My Mother, And My Friend Essays

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While growing up I have been given many nicknames like Joan, Jojo, Mango or even Mangoleta because of my sister Maria think that’s how it is said Spanish, and my other nickname is Wikipedia you might ask why it’s because of my little sister whenever she has a question I don’t haste to answer It for her, but over time I have been guilty of giving some false information. This is why I’m Wikipedia, and not a credible source. I am from is chandler Arizona and I have been living here all my life. Fun fact Even the house that I live in is very special to me because my mother was raised at the same house since she was one years old, and we still live in the house till this day. The house was built by my grandparents that put in their sweat, and love into our home which makes me grateful for the roof they have made over my family’s head. My siblings and I were able to attend the same elementary as my mom, and uncle. It was also one of the first elementary in chandler, and just thinking about it makes my childhood unique by having seen what my mom, and uncle had when they were growing up. The other hand my dad Juan came from holesco Mexico with having eight sisters, and one brother. Coming to America was another obstacle he had to overcome. Juan not knowing a wide variety of English we were forced to speak to our dad in English so he was able to understand it and able to speak to us. That is why my siblings and I don’t speak Spanish, we prefer English because of our accent not being…

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