My Family : My Mom Essay

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I decided to interview my mom for this paper because she has had a significant role in my upbringing and she means a lot to me. Since my mom and I are very close, like best friend status, I already knew a lot about her which made the interviewing process much easier. My mom and I share a lot of the same views on many issues but have differing views on a few, especially under the diversity category. I live at home with my mom and father and so I see my mom everyday which is one reason why our viewpoints are similar, so we can both avoid cognitive dissonance and it makes the day to day living more manageable.
My mom was born in the 1960s, in Seattle Washington. She was one of 5 sisters, and 2 brothers to a father who was in the military off and on and a stay at home mom. She grew up strictly catholic, and even went to a Catholic high school. She remembered her mom made the best cookies around Christmas time and although her family had some money she worked hard, with her first job at 16 to be a very independent young woman. My mom was very sexually promiscuous for her age, bouncing from guy to guy, even though she was raised Catholic. She said about her religion that “being Catholic didn’t matter to [her] for [she] was more sexually active, smoking cigarettes and not worried about going to Hell for any of it almost as to rebel against the church.” Today she identifies as culturally Christian with a spiritual sense and she is not really sure if God even exists because of…

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