My Family : My Life Essay

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In our lifetime we may come across many experiences which we only know how to handle because of the way we were taught by our families. My family consists of two brothers, my mother, father and myself. Everyone stayed with my grandmother in West Humboldt Park except my dad who lived alone. My mother was who i looked up to all my life. I knew that no matter how mad I was with her, she’d always find a way to make me forget. She could make any day brighter with her smile and she taught me so much. It was December 24th of 2004, my father and I went out to buy my mom a gift. This year I got to pick out the gift that would be from me and my two older brothers. As we walked through the store I was excited because I saw the perfect gift the week prior to. It was a maroon jewelry box with a ballerina that spun when opened. As I followed my father through the store I begged for him to buy it, but he insisted that I find something else. I continued to beg until he gave in and bought it. The ride back to my grandmother 's house seemed like hours since I was so anxious. I bolted out of the car, up the stairs and to my brother who was 16 at the time. As I showed him the box he said " why would you get a 36 year old a jewelry box for a kid?" And I simply replied "she 'll like it, I promise." As it got later in the day my aunts met up at my grandmother 's house to help her prep the family dinner for the next day. There were two separate places full of chaos. All of the kids were in…

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