My Family : My Life Essay

804 Words Sep 10th, 2015 4 Pages
The Trifecta My family impacts my life everyday. The words they say, as well as their actions, influence my thoughts, actions, and opinions. They also challenge me to find my own ideas and believe what I do, not what they do or what I’ve heard. Everyone has people in their lives who affect them in some way. My mother, my aunt, and my grandma all influence me to find my own way just by being around me. To begin, my mother, Shelly, is an amazing woman. I’m sure most people would say that about their mothers, but I want it to be known that she truly is my hero. Her life has been far from easy, and we haven’t always had the perfect relationship. In fact, we bicker a lot, and our interactions aren’t always positive. However, we do have good times and good talks, and I’m more than happy that we can do that with each other. There are times where we play games or watch movies together. I cherish those times because they don’t happen often. They help my mom and I communicate in any way negative. As I said earlier, my mother’s life has been tough (I’m not going to put much detail into it); her childhood was rough and she’s been struggling all my life. But, despite the hard times, she has stayed strong and gotten through it all. She is the most intelligent, witty, and wise person I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. She’s also the strongest. My mother may want to give up sometimes, but she never does. She’s the one who taught me to keep fighting no matter what. I will…

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