My Family: My Friends, Siblings, And Parents

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There are several people I spend most of my time with. The people I spend my time with is my friends, siblings, and parents. All these important members of my life all want me to succeed in life. They all have ups and downs. There are always pros and cons.

First, my siblings are the most loyal members of life. I know no matter what anyone of my siblings will support me. They won’t ever judge me for my stupid life decisions. I can rely on them being there whenever I am in need or am at a low. Out of all my siblings, I would say that my brother has taught me the most in life. During his high school years, he did not practice habit 3 and 4. He partied lots, skipped as much as he could, and did a lot of drugs. He teaches me the important lessons that he learned after making mistakes during his adolescence. That what is really important is that you never give up. Although he was a really low point in his life, he continues his journey to success. My sisters are also really important in my life. They always teach me manners and how to be gentlemen. No matter what I know that I can fall and my siblings will be there to catch me. My siblings also help me deal with problems I have with my parents and try to smoothen things up. I guess this is a bad thing at times because I rebel constantly against my parents when I think that their perspective in life is wrong. For example, I cut my hair during Chinese New Year and my parents got furious with me. My brother sided with me and allowed me to sleepover at his place for 2 days while my sisters helped calm them down.

My parents give me
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They all add to my life even if they occasionally throw me sour lemons. I love all these important people in my life because, without these pivotal people in my life, I would not be Wilmer. Furthermore, In order to take the next step to success, I must win the battle against

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