My Family : My Father 's Family Essay

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I know little about where my family comes from, but I have always been curious about my family’s background. Although I have never made the effort to do any research because I did not realize how much it has affected who I am. Now, after completing the worksheets I understand my family affects every part of who I am and not just in my physical appearance, but they also my own values and beliefs.

Family Heritage and Values
Before I did any research I already knew my mother’s family was from Germany, but I did not know where my father’s family was from. After doing a bit of research and signing up for a free trial on, I can confirm my mother’s family did come from Germany. I also found out her family brought a skill with them from Germany, which was being a butcher. That was a neat bit of information to find out, but I think that skill died with my great-grandfather. I was not able to find much out about my father’s family though, my only guess is that they came from some part of Mexico because his family lived in California for a brief time. What was surprising to find out though, was that my mother’s family has not moved much since they first settled in the United States. When they came from Germany in 1880 they settled in Dallas, and over 100 years later most of her family still lives around Dallas. The thing that surprised me about my father’s family was the amount of wrong information they had. It turned out my great-grandfather left my great-grandmother…

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