Family History And Community Analysis

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Have you ever wonder who you were? Or perhaps you don’t fit quite in with your family. I constantly wonder “Who Am I?” I really never took the time to just really evaluate my family and where we come from. My family is very distance from one another, so that always leave me curious about myself. Over the last few weeks I discovered some valuable information about my family history, religion, and community. I even took the time out to learn about the community I live in now. I was surprised how happy my grandfather was to speak with me. He told me how he never been close to his grandkids, due to the fact my mother has always been upset with him, since he left her mother. When my mother was six years old, her father left, to be with another …show more content…
My mother was very hurt and didn’t know how to deal with the situation, so distance herself from him. Her only brother moved with their dad a couple of years later. My grandfather was born in Saint Mary Parish, Louisiana on August 25, 1948 to the parents of Heron and Florence Yelling. His father was in the United States Army which he later passed in 1966 fighting the Vietnam War. His death left behind his wife and offspring of four daughters and six brothers. When my grandfather made 18 he also joined the United States Army also in honor of his father. Mostly all his brothers joined a branch of the military and each segregated the own paths. Therefore, he have brothers he haven’t spoken to in decades. So I have family all around the states and didn’t even know it. Only three of his six brothers and two of his four sister reside in Louisiana. Two of his elder’s sisters passed in a …show more content…
She joined Bethany Baptist Church off Homestead Rd.” Bethany Baptist Church was founded in 1936 which was later relocated in 1941 to 7304 Homestead. In 1970’s Bethany was one of the few churches to accept black congregants. In 1971 Bethany appointed its first black co-pastor in 1971. Later in 1973 their co-pastor became the first African-American to be a pastor at Bethany Baptist 1994 the church accommodate 400 members. Over the past 30 years Bethany Baptist Church, SBC has been the backbone of the community through its rendering of many diverse services (daycare, senior citizen care, clothes closet, health drives, elementary and middle school mentorship, computer classes, scholarship funding, home and hospitalization visits to the sick and shut in – to name a few). Today its members and the community enjoy a mature and dynamic relationship with each other that continues to evolve as it maintains its partnership with people and expands its Godly services”

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