Essay about My Family Is The Best

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Growing up in New York, we are consistently surrounded by all types of ethnicity, race, gender and so forth. We’ve all come to learn how to appreciate all the things in our life. Being of West Indian background, I consistently get confused about what I am or what I am not. I’ve come to appreciate so much about my ethnicity that I did not care about before. Traditions that I follow are widely being viewed at with such awe from other races and backgrounds.
My family plays a big role in how I interact with others of different ethnicity and race. I grew up thinking of everyone as an equal not as we are individually better than the other. Being raised in another country at a very young age, I picked up the little things that are not fully taught in the schools in America. It is very controversial when speaking about the education system in the U.S. Some may believe that it is the best while others believe to get a proper education you must change the system. My family is a very important aspect that of how I think on a daily basis. No, they do not make my decision, but they are part of it.
Being of an Indian background has been a great influence to me because constantly everyone expects a girl of my race to be a doctor, a nurse and even more importantly a straight A student. Achieving these goals will be a great achievement for anyone of any race, but it is expected for me to satisfy everyone’s expectation and put my hopes and dreams of the future on hold. Situations like…

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