Essay on My Family Is Not A Spiritual Person

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My parents turned away from religion when I was six years old. My mother and I went to several churches before joining the Church without Walls when I was in middle school, my father never was interested in religion again. After graduating high school, I decided not to be a part of any type of religion also, maybe because of the research my father shared with me that helped me with this decision. I am not a spiritual person; nevertheless, I am really interested in why some people are strong in their faith in regards to their religion. In my World Religion Course, I was asked to visit a place of worship. I decided to visit a place of worship that my parents abandon for two reasons. The first reason, I wondered how my parents can abandon a religion or brief they were taught as children and the second reason, one of my cousins, who I considered a sister to me, decided to join this religion after the death of her mother. At present, my cousin is very committed to this religion, although her father abandoned this religion like my mother did.
The initial research shows that Charles T. Russell in the founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The first edition of the Watchtower was published in 1879. The organization had several names before the current name. Foremost, the system was named Christian Restorationist, then the International Bible Students and last in 1913 the organization assumed the name Jehovah’s Witnesses, ( The headquarter in located in New York. The…

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