Essay about My Family Is An Unspoken Value

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My family is remote, yet central to my life. We coalesce, and vanish, to and from each other’s lives. We have developed together, yet apart, and without copious restraint of each other’s opinions or views. We come together sometimes for family occasions, always with the expectation that some or none will show up. These family functions are merely an invitation, an invitation that family members attend arbitrarily. The host will not know who is attending until people start showing up the day the event occurs. Regardless, there is always enough food and room to accommodate the motley members whom might show up. It is an unspoken value (McGoldrick, 1995) to have enough provisions, just in case.
I am one of six female children in my family. My father is Chinese and my mother is Irish/Jewish (uncertain). I am second born. All of my siblings are half sisters except for my older sister, who is 11 months older than myself. We have been referred to as the Irish twins in our family, in part to distinguish us from our youngest sisters who are identical twins from my father’s second marriage. My older sister and I are also referenced as Irish twins on behalf of my mother’s heritage. The middle set of sisters is produced from my mother’s second marriage. Each set of sisters from the oldest to the youngest is in sequences of two, constructed from each parent’s second marriage and are full sisters in terms of sets of sisters. My older sister and I keep in contact with both sets (middle and…

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