My Family History: The Importance Of My Father

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My father is a 49-year-old Mexican American that experienced the true definition of the American dream. Being born in Florida in October 18th 1967, my father was named Hector Lopez Noyola. My father also states the struggles of his father named Jose Carmen Noyola Gonzalez. Hector was born into a very difficult world at the time. The United States was having a war with Vietnam. My father stated that the war had in impact in his education as a kid. Hector stated that the school taught him a very pro patriotic and superior view of the United States, essentially hailing it as the greatest country in the world. My father witnessed protests against the war as a kid in Florida. Although my father was relatively young he remembers the events of the Vietnam war and the impact it had on his education during the 1970s. My father was a young Mexican man seeking to find …show more content…
Listening to my father speak about his family’s past made me realize the importance of history. I never realized that my father’s family suffered from discrimination so much in the United States. Putting my family history into historical context gave me gratitude for life. The now appreciate what my ancestors did and I am grateful that they overcame racial discrimination, and social structures that never helped them. Being a 19-year-old student I never realized the importance of history putting my family’s history into historical context until now. Realizing the importance of history through my father’s history as well as my grandparent’s history showed me how they overcame oppression. History played a major role in my family’s life and in many it still plays a major role on many people’s lives. Realizing the systematic oppression of Latinos makes me grateful for someone like Cesar Chavez. The civil rights movement he lead was peaceful and allowed for better lives in the Latino communities around the United

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