Essay about My Family History : My Mother 's Side Of The Family Tree

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My family history is from my Mother’s side of the family tree, so this autobiography will be a little lopsided; much like my personality. My maternal grandmother’s family came from Denmark and my maternal grandfather’s family is of German descent. The only thing I inherited from that side of the family is my punctuality, my outspokenness, and my ability to drink. I grew up in a three bedroom house with my mother and four brothers along with a neighborhood full of kids (mostly boys). I have three older brothers; 10, 9, and 8 years older and one brother who is three years younger than me. My older brothers all joined the service as they turned of age, therefore it created a split upbringing for me. Up until I was 8, I was treated as the baby sister and my younger brother and I were constantly dragged to my older brother’s friends’ houses. My mom worked quite a bit, therefore, my eldest brother was in charge of the rest of the clan. However, he usually delegated one of the other two to watch me my younger brother. I learned to play poker at a very young age, even though I’m still not good at bluffing my opponents. When I turned eleven, all of my older brothers had left home and I became the “oldest” child and had to look out for my younger brother. Almost every memory I have of my childhood brings a smile to my face. From the memories of my older brother’s friends to the neighborhood kids to the friends I made as I went through middle and high school. All through my…

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