Essay My Family History : My Grandmother

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Chapter One I was born on December 21, 1992, However, that is not the beginning of my story. My family history began far before 1992 in a small town called Holyoke Massachusetts in the year 1936. It just so happens that both of my grandparents on my Father 's side were born in March in 1936 in the same town. My grandmother was a first generation American her parents had emigrated from Poland in the early 1900 's, they wanted a better life and at that time, there were rumors of World War II making its way into Poland. Her mother never did learn how to speak English although, she did attend a nunnery school which she went to at the same time my grandmother was beginning school. They would walk every day to school and her mother would work odd jobs in her spare time mainly cooking or cleaning for other families. My great-grandmother was an extremely intelligent women my grandmother had told me that if times had been different she strongly believed that her mother could have been a doctor; instead, she eventually left the nunnery school and went to a public school to receive a more diverse education, she graduated and went on to receive her nursing degree. My great-grandfather was a factory worker which since he was polish was one of the better jobs he could receive. He had little formal education since he had been working since he was thirteen years old. My grandmother told me that he had an excellent work ethic and that even during the times that he was laid-off or the…

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