My Family History Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to identify my cultural history and how it affects me as well as my master statuses. I will identify where my ancestors are from, my family’s values and traditions, which traditions I chose to pass on or not, how the traditions stand up to traditional versions of the culture, how my worldview has been affected, and where I land in terms of master statuses and privilege. This paper will be used as a tool to explore the diversity in my family and how it will affect me as a clinician.

Family History: My family is the “typical American family”. We represent a melting pot of past cultures. On my mother’s side my family is almost all French and on my father’s side they are predominantly English. Both sides came to America several centuries ago. The culture of my family can really be broken up into my Dad’s side and my Mom’s side of the family. I will first analyze my mother’s side of the family and our cultural
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Apart from two members of our immediate family we all live within an hours drive of each other and get together often. We celebrate all “major” holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Fourth of July. We also make it a point to get together for going away parties, weddings, birthdays and for no real reason at all. We do not have a birthday cut-off and have recently celebrated my cousin’s 30th birthday complete with gifts, singing and cake. A usual get together for the Quirrions consists of food, gossiping, and cards. We play a little known card game called Hand and Foot. This card game can last 1-3 hours depending on the skill level of the players and what else is going on in the background. It is an unspoken family expectation that everyone knowns how to play the game and once you have mastered the game you are an official member of the family. The greatest benefit of knowing the game though is it provides family time and an opportunity to catch up with one

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