My Family History, Beliefs, And Culture Essay examples

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Doing a Genogram about my family history, beliefs, and culture is somewhat difficult for me due to a number of reasons. One being that I never met my biological father therefore don’t know anything of the family background that compiles half of my genetic make up, another reason being because I know very little of my mother’s extended family, and frankly because I don’t think we really have many structured family beliefs. Before I dive into the cultural beliefs that my family has, let me quickly explain my family dynamic. My mother was one of two daughters. My aunt Debra moved to Texas before I was born and to this day I have never met her or anyone in her family. My grandfather on my mother’s side moved out of state before I was born and died when I was very young. My mother had a total of six children from four different fathers. Two of which were never in my life which includes my biological father. This left me with my closest family members being my mother, grandmother, siblings, sister’s father, and brothers’ father. In my immediate family household which consisted of my mother, two brothers, and my little sister, we never really went to church, or talked about god often however, we all identified as Christians. While some of my family now somewhat embrace their religion, I have since rejected this belief system and now I identify mostly as an atheist. This hasn’t changed my life much since the time I rejected faith because religion slowly became less…

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