My Family Has Taught Me Is Patience Essay

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As a first generation American born in a Vietnamese family, my values are heavily influenced by both cultures. Inevitably, as an inhabitant of the United States, I am much more exposed to American culture than to Vietnamese culture. I have learned and assimilated many American values throughout my years in the public school system. Meanwhile, at home, my parents immersed and raised me in their culture. Vietnamese culture is very different from American culture, but not at all far-removed from Chinese culture. One of the most important virtues that my family has taught me is patience. My family stresses the importance of thinking before acting. A simple, yet common, example is the issue of buying on impulse. For my family this is especially important in America because the society generally encourages satisfaction by immediate results largely with the bombardment of such product and service advertisements. In my family, it is also important to maintain peaceful relationships with other people. Earlier in my life, this has proven to be a slightly difficult task because my family’s values tend to be more conservative than those of most others I encounter. My parents have taught me that it is impossible to change people and, instead, I should try to be observant and listen to others’ opinions while not wavering in my own beliefs. Another important aspect of Vietnamese culture I have learned is the importance of taking care of one’s family and community. For example,…

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