My Family Has Changed My Life Essay examples

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My family has been in Mississippi for generations and is your typical Southern (Black American) family. My family was raised in North Mississippi in an area known as the Delta. My grandmother is a divorced single parent of six children. My grandmother chose her religion as a Jehovah Witness and she reared her children in the fundamentals of her religion. She has worked for thirty years as a housekeeper at The Holiday Inn where she became the manager. My grandmother has been a great influence in my life. She always taught me to live by the golden rule which is to treat others as you would have them to treat you.
My mother is a single parent of five children and she chose her religion as a Baptist when she became an adult. My mother has several degrees. One in Business from Memphis State University, a second in Accounting from Delta State University. My mother worked in the business office at our local hospital (Bolivar Medical Center) for many years. During my mother’s late 30’s she decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in nursing which she has been a licensed practical nurse for the last ten years. I am the second child of five siblings and the first to graduate from college.
My family is primarily very close, lively, yet can be quite attention-seeking. I 've come to realize that communication isn 't very strong within my family unit. They often will not voice their feelings but instead act them out. I 've witnessed a lot of yelling, blaming, and arguing…

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