My Family: Factors And Effects Of Being An Average American Family

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When taking a look at my family, we look like the “average American family”. A mom and a dad who are the same age, married at 23, with their first born as a male and their second born as a daughter. We are Irish-Catholic, from a small area in Philadelphia. Once my parents had my brother and I, they moved us out of the city into a small town in South Jersey. Both of my parents have always worked 40 (sometimes more) hour weeks. Between the four of us, we really never had any life-changing situations. Looking back on my childhood, my community, my parent’s parenting styles, and the effects of being the younger sibling were definitely major factors of how I have developed and who I am today.
To begin, I feel as though my community played the
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With my mom being a stickler for the rules, I was much more focused and driven in school and extracurricular activities than many of my friends. My mom always told me “stick to your commitments”. Teachers always told my parents how much of a joy I was in their class and how well behaved I was. However, I would get quite emotional if I were to do something wrong and I am still the same way. For example, if we were told to not go up for lunch until our table was called and my friends decided to go up early so I joined in, later I would be so stressed out about breaking the rule. I would come home and tell my mom. She would always tell me “it is ok to make mistakes because you learn from your mistakes”. While I did not like her authoritarian ways when I was younger and would make a mistake, her ways have really contributed to the integrity I hold true to my character …show more content…
My brother is six years older than me, I am 20 and he is turning 26 this year. We moved from Philly when he was in 5th grade. This was really hard for him because he had all of his friends already, so he was really pressured making new friends. He actually would fight with my parents when they would try to get him to do his homework or to get involved in sports and other activities. My mom says she remembers me, since the age of 5, always sitting next to him when he would be throwing a fit at the kitchen table (where we did our homework) and would be telling him “you can do it” and “do it for mom and dad”. When I started getting homework, my mom said she was amazed at how I would get home from school and not have to be told twice to get my homework

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