My Family Culture And Culture Essays

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I have never really taken the time to think about what culture I am a part of. For some individuals it is easy for them to say "Oh, I 'm Indian and this is what my family does for holidays." I suppose I have always just considered myself to a white American individual. I identify most closely to the rural American way of life/culture. I would say that I also identify with my family culture very strongly. While that latter two might be micro cultures, they are still something I identify with and feel a part of. I identify with these cultures the most because they are the cultures that have surrounded me my entire life. They are the cultures I grew up in and have been immersed in for so long. Our cultures definitely shape our motivations, beliefs, and values. The beliefs and values that I find most important are not the same as those of other cultures. While the American culture has definitely influenced how I view certain things, I think my family culture is the most important cultural influence on me. For example, it has always been a strong belief in my family that there is only one person you need to make happy, and that is yourself. Now we do not mean that in a selfish sense, just that if you are constantly trying to make everyone else happy and live by their standards and constraints you will not have time to be happy with and for yourself. I have come to see that is not always the common belief among Americans. A lot of Americans have the view point…

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